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I. Accounting Forms

A)    Transmittal of checks forms – mandatory – to be used for transmittal of checks to the treasurer. All cash payments must be noted on the form for proper accounting of payments.

B)     Financial Summary Form – mandatory – each activity or ski trip for which association funds are used must be accounted for via the summary form.

C)     Proposed budget – mandatory – for trips and activities to be submitted to the Board for approval. A spread sheet or word document can be used.

D)    Expenses Summary Form – mandatory – during the daily operation of the association, routine expenses that are incurred by the board. This form can be used to keep a running tally of expenses to be submitted to the treasurer with receipts attached.

Note: The above mention forms can be found on the BVSA website or obtained from the Treasurer.

II. Activities Procedures

A)    Select date for your activity through the Activities Committee – Note: Dates should be selected in consideration of other events so that we offer a variety of activities over the month not all in one weekend.

B)     Advertise in newsletter in accordance with newsletter deadlines. For example, if it is now November 4 and you wish to run an event on December 5, you MUST get information to the newsletter editor by newsletter deadline. INCLUDE DIRECTIONS TO THE EVENT, include contact name and phone number.

C)     Advertise your event by making up fliers to be placed at the information table at the general meetings.

D)    Submit copies of all contracts to the Treasurer in a timely fashion. Prepare, and submit to the Board, a proposed Cash Flow Statement that includes best estimates of income and expenses and approximate time lines for each.

E)     Use Accounting forms found on the website or obtain the form from the Treasurer.

F)     On arrival at a single day event, have all participants’ sign the liability sign in form. Complete financial summary must be given to the Treasurer at the conclusion of the activity.

G)    Post event articles should be submitted to the editor by the next newsletter deadline.

H)    BVSA Events such as home barbecues/picnics/breakfasts will require a $10.00 charge.

I)       All trips must be presented to the Board. Each trip must include two (2) competitive proposals. All trips must be presented to the Activities Committee first. Activities Committee will present the trip to the Board.

J)       Trips of 4 or more days in duration will require an Activities Committee member as a co-leader of the event.

K)    Any activity or trip requiring BVSA funds, requires the attendance of the designated leader at BVSA Board meetings. Proper reporting and accounting of the activity or trip is required and will be presented to the BVSA Treasurer and BVSA Board.

L)     Activities Committee Members entering the 2nd year of rotation will be given the opportunity to lead a trip of 4 or more days in duration. These trips will be presented to the Activities Committee for presentation to the BVSA Board.

III. Treasurer’s Procedures

A)    BVSA shall provide surety in an amount satisfactory to the membership, but not less than $15,000.

B)     Annually the BVSA President will appoint a committee to audit the BVSA financial records. This committee will be made up of at least 3 Board members, and any other members he feels necessary. This internal audit will be submitted to the Board at the next scheduled BVSA Board meeting.

C)     Quicken is used to keep the BVSA financial records.

IV. Finance Reports

A)    Provide a one page summary of the trips to include

1)      Date and amount of payments due to company (payables).

2)      Date and amount of payment due to BVSA (receivables).

3)      Trip transmittals

a)      Record legibly and add checks correctly

b)      Checks endorsed if written to self

c)      If one check pays for more than one person, list the transaction on one line of the transmittal form. For your own records you can record it as you want.

B)     Need written record of purchase made for the first pool party

1)      Inventory needs to be done prior to next party etc.

2)      Beer, wine food, paper goods (No Styrofoam products).

3)      Each party has a $100 limit for decorations, prizes, etc. This must be coordinated with the leader of the event and host of the event.

4)      The event leader responsible for the event, will compile a one page summary of all Income and Expenses. This summary will be submitted to the Treasurer.

5)      The BVSA Treasurer will compile a one-page summary of all income and expense for the event, and submit it to the BVSA Board.

V. Advertising

A)    Ads are available for $15.00 Business card size $20.00 ¼ page, $30.00 ½ page, and $40.00 full page per issue of the newsletter. Ads along with payment should be sent to PO Box. Once received the Treasurer will forward the ad to the newsletter editor.

B)     Newsletter editor(s) make the final determination as to all ad sizes. Every effort will be made for full page advertising of trips prior to the trip selling out. Editor(s) will advise trip leaders as potential changes.

C)     Directory ads are available for - $25.00 ¼ page, $45.00 ½ page, and $75.00 full page.

D)    Ads for the directory should be submitted by November 15.

VI. Membership Forms

A)    Membership forms format shall be reviewed each year by the incoming board.

B)     Membership forms will be kept on disk, which will be given to the incoming board.

C)     Membership forms procedures

1)      Membership forms received June 1 through November 15 will be paid through to the following year.

2)      Membership renewal forms received after November 15 will be subject to a re-initiation fee of $5.00.

D)    Membership cards will be available for distribution to all paid members no later than the General Membership Meeting in January.

VII. Bylaws/Procedures

A)    All board members will be supplied with a copy of the most recent Bylaws and Procedures. Bylaws and Procedures shall reflect revision dates to keep track of most recent adoptions.

B)     Bylaws and Procedures must be reviewed annually.

VIII. Database

A)    Membership information is kept in a Microsoft Access database.

B)     Membership shall be maintained by the Vice President. The person in charge of the P.O. Box shall send the V.P. the membership forms.

C)     The VP is in charge of relaying the list of new members to the newsletter editor for the new member’s column of the newsletter.

D)    The VP will supply the monthly updated membership database to the printing company.

E)     The VP will be in charge of printing and distributing new member membership cards.

IX. Directory

A)    The directory will be printed in January.

B)     The directory will be made available at the meeting following printing

C)     The directories will be mailed upon request.

X. Information Table

A)    An information table shall be set up at the entrance at each general meeting.

B)     The information table will be manned by 1-2 club members to disseminate information, such as newsletters, applications, and fliers. Those working at the table must be aware of events and who is running them and should be knowledgeable about application procedures.

C)     The information table will have a guest and member sign in sheet and name tags. **NOTE: The information table is our way of making people feel welcome, directing them to event coordinators and giving out information. This is so important and only requires an hour or two of your time each month.

XI. Liability/Release Forms

A)    All applications for membership must have the signed release of liability.

B)     All events will require a liability sign in sheet. Sign in sheet must have signatures of all event attendee's.

** NOTE: This measure is required since many of our one day activities have people in attendance who are not members of the club and who are not covered by BVSA's application liability form.

XII. Newsletter

A)    Deadline – the deadline for submission to the editor will be the 20th of each month.

B)     Events should be planned two months prior for advertisement in the newsletter.

C)     If you have electronic mail, submit your article to the editor in this manner.

D)    We are now able to scan pictures into the newsletter. Please forward any photos of interest to the editor.

XIII. P.O. Box

A)    We have a P.O. Box at the Downingtown post office on Boot Road in Downingtown. The address is BVSA, P.O. Box 549, Downingtown, PA 19335-0549.

B)     Two Board members will hold keys.

C)     All persons assigned to check the box must be aware of all procedures for transmittal of checks, application process and who is running an event and would be receiving funds.

**NOTE: It is helpful if the person(s) checking the box have electronic mail so that they confirm checks received with the event coordinator or database manager.

XIV. BVSA Sponsored, non-sponsored and informational, Trips and Events

A)    A BVSA sponsored trip or event will adhere to the following: They Must be approved by the BVSA Board. They must follow all BVSA procedures. They must be open to all BVSA members. They must be advertised in all BVSA media. All monies will go through the BVSA Treasury. BVSA takes responsibility for these trips or events.

B)     A BVSA non sponsored trip or event. This is an event or trip that is not sponsored by BVSA but is being recommended to our membership. They must be approved by the BVSA Board. The trip or event money does NOT go through the BVSA Treasury. The trip or event may be advertised in BVSA media/listserv. BVSA takes no responsibility for these trips or events.

C)     An informational trip or event is NOT recommend to BVSA members by the board. They may only be advertised on, BVSA listserv/email Alert, after being moderated. BVSA takes no responsibility for these trips or events.

XV. BVSA Sponsored Trips

A)    All club sponsored trips will have a 1% fee, this fee will go to the BVSA general treasury.

B)     Only BVSA club members and EPSC clubs members with reciprocating policy may go on a BVSA sponsored trip.

C)     No BVSA member may sign up for a BVSA sponsored trip until that trip has been advertised to all BVSA Members, by Newsletter and BVSA listserv/email Alert.

D)    BVSA sponsored trips can be open to EPSC club members with reciprocating policy, after a date decided on by the BVSA Board.

E)     Trip Advertising shall be done in accordance with newsletter procedures.

F)     It is highly recommended that individuals running a trip for the first time have a mentor. Comps can be split.

G)    No cash is to be taken for ski trips, only money order or bank check will be accepted. Must advertise on handouts for trips.

H)    BVSA sponsored trips have a cancellation fee policy that must be advertised on trip fliers and in the newsletter. Each trip leader should include a cancellation schedule with deadlines and the amount of money that would be forfeited.

I)       If there are monies left after a trip, it will be refunded to each person if the refund is $50.00 or more per person.

J)       There will be a $75.00 cancellation fee for any cancellation unless otherwise stated. Additional cancellation fees may apply based on individual trips. Participants are responsible for referring to specific trip flyers.

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