Welcome to BVSA! 

Publishing the Newsletter

  1. After creating the newsletter, save it in PDF format somewhere on your PC. You will save it TWICE.  Once with the normal naming convention, for instance, June18NL.pdfOnce as NL.pdf. That’s it… ‘NL.pdf’. No more, no less.
  2. Log into Wild Apricot (http://bvsa.wildapricot.org/admin/) You must be in Administrator mode.
  3. Click Settings à Site à Files.
  4. Click Newsletters, then the Upload icon.
  5. The Upload Files pane will open. Click Browse. Navigate to NL.PDF and double-click it. Click OK.
That’s it! The web site is preprogrammed to display the newsletter with that name in that folder. Click http://bvsa.wildapricot.org/page-1463554 to see the result. To see what the rank & file members see switch to Public.

Add an archive copy

Repeat steps 1 through 5 above substituting the full file name (June18NL.pdf) for NL.pdf.

You may delete the two files from your PC at this point. We will cover publishing the archive copy in another document..


  • 1.       While in Admin mode select Email à Templates
  • 2.       Click the Newsletter template.
  • 3.       Click Send Email
  • 4.      RECIPIENTS
  • 5.      Contact List
  • 6.       Select All members
  • 7.       Click REVIEW AND SEND
  • 8.       Choose Send it now(default) or Schedule for later.
  • 9.       Click Send.


Some pages in our web site are open to the public. The newsletter is NOT. Only members can access it so only members should receive the email.

To ‘play’ with sending emails via Wild Apricot select Contact instead of Contact List and select yourself as the recipient.

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