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Replacing the BVSA newsletter, short method.

  1. Have the Newsletter saved to a convenient place on your hard drive. This will be temporary. Note the exact spelling, including the extension, ‘.PDF’.
  2. Log in to http://bvsa.wildapricot.org. You must be an Administrator and in Administrator mode.
  3. Navigate to the Website tab.
  4. Click Files. Open the Newsletters folder.
  5. Either click Browse to upload the saved Newsletter (see #1), or Drag-n-Drop it into the Newsletter folder. If it lands in the wrong place you may use Drag-n-Drop to move it.
  6. Click Site pages
  7. Select the Newsletter page.
  8. Click Edit
  9. Hover over the Newsletter and click the Settings icon (a gear) in the upper right.
  10. Click Edit code
  11. Change the url portion of the Custom code to the new Newsletter name. For instance, if you were replacing the DEC18NL with the JAN19NL simply replace DEC18 with JAN19 in the example below. Change NOTHING else.

<iframe src="http://bvsa.wildapricot.org:80/resources/Newsletters/JAN18NL.pdf" width="100%" height="700"></iframe>  

Click Save and Save

Replacing the BVSA newsletter, long method
In the event the code following 11. above fails to work replace the entire string. 

5a. Right-click on the Newsletter you just uploaded and click Properties.

5b. Copy the Location EXACTLY. You can use the normal Windows Copy functions. I recommend saving (pasting) to a Notepad.

5c. Close the Properties pane.

11. Replace (paste) the ENTIRE line of code. 

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