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PrezSez: April 2020

03/25/2020 7:59 PM | John Schroeder (Administrator)

Prez Sez …. April Fools day is April 1. Trust no one and believe nothing. Pretend it’s Facebook.

 WOW, what a difference a month has made!

 Like I am sure it is for you, life in my house is very different. But Kathy and I are well and sheltering in place. I hope and pray for a quick reversal in trajectory so we can start looking forward to those fun activities again. But for now, I have ample toilet paper and I am content to stay safe and secure at home.

 You have probably seen that all near term club activities are cancelled. This includes the April General Meeting. We typically hold our second round of nominations followed by elections at this meeting. I am taking the unprecedented step of postponing them until the May meeting and hope we can have it. May is traditionally the turn-over day from the prior Board to the new Board so we will not loose any time in doing so. No, I cannot say for certain that we will have a May meeting. But I can hope.

 And speaking of nominations, an update on the candidate situation. For the Board we have a candidate for President and Treasurer. We have a candidate for Recording (take notes at Board meetings) but we really could use another. That still leaves vacancies at Vice President (aka Membership Chair) and Corresponding (aka Newsletter). All these are voting members of the Board.

 We have ample candidates for the four Activities positions.

 The Shelter-In-Place rules did not stop your Board and Activities Committee. We still managed a virtual meeting on March 18 via videoconference. Along with the normal business matters your Activities Committee began laying the groundwork for the 2020-21 Ski Season and our normal Summer activities!

 So, STAY HOME!  Stay Safe! And I hope to see you (in person) soon.

 The next time you have company, serve them a bowl of shelled peanuts. After they've eaten a few handfuls, casually mention that you've never liked peanuts, but you love to suck the chocolate off of them.

 See you May 6 (I hope).

 John Schroeder

President, BVSA


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