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Toasted, roasted, baked and done. Hope your Thanksgiving was loads of fun!

11/25/2018 12:43 PM | John Schroeder (Administrator)

I shot my first turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

Scared the crap out of everyone in the frozen food aisle at Wegmans.

Bon Fire Party Thank You

Another great big THANK YOU to Emily and Dave Warner for another hugely successful Bon Fire Party. And Thank You to all the members for bringing those delicious dishes to share.

Post-Thanksgiving Thanks…

…to elastic waist bands.

BVSA is on a roll…

No, not a crescent roll… this is not another Thanksgiving joke.

  • ·       Two very successful parties.
  • ·       Three fully subscribed trips (there is still room for more though).
  • ·       The Holiday Party has already surpassed last year in participation.
  • ·       New and returning activities (Fall Foliage Express and Horseback riding.
  • ·       Membership is up.
  • ·       More ski trips are being contemplated for this year.
  • ·       Happy Hours are always well attended.

Yes, the BVSA is in great shape thanks to the participation of our members. And there is room for more.

Thanksgiving is an emotional Holiday…

People travel thousands of miles to be with people they see only once a year, and then discover once a year is way too often. (Johnny Carson)

Yes, you heard that right

  1. The December General Meeting will be on MONDAY December 3rd.
  2. The January General Meeting will be on Wednesday, January  9th, one week later than normal.

The most important cooking instruction on Thanksgiving…

              Is to remember to give wine to the cook.

Sign up for the Holiday Party on line or at the December General Meeting


John Schroeder

President, BVSA


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